I'm sitting in front of the computer after countless glasses of diet coke and now a couple of cups of coffee and I really have to pee!!!!! I have on a pair of tight grey jeans that are pressing into my bladder making holding it even tougher! I am planning to go out and do a bit of yard work before jumping in the car to drive to the local park, and I'm wondering just how long I will be able to last. I want to really battle to hold it as long as I can so that when I do loose control, it is totally real. I'm not into getting caught though, so hopefully when it happens it will be somewhere without many people, and near enough to my house so that I don't have to walk with obviously wet jeans!
Update 1:  I've continued to drink what's left of a pot of coffee I made, and worked in the yard clearing grass from our my sprinkler heads.  I have to go so bad, I was cramping a bit as I worked, and have to admit I let a few small squirts go...just could not control  That seamed to help though, and I was able to complete that task.  I am going to go back out and use the electric edger to finish, but have already to go so bad I can not sit at my computer, I"m having to kneel on the floor so I don't bend at the waist and press my tight jeans into my full bladder.  If I can make it I will finish edging and hop into the car to head to the park.  More to come...
Update 2:  Ok, I've finished working at home.  I cleaned up around my sprinklers, and managed to not loose it completely although I did loose control a couple of crotch is wet especially since I'm not wearing any underwear, but I'm still in control  I really really really have to go though, in fact as I kneel in front of the computer, I'm a bit out of breath either from the sheer will of holding it, or maybe a bit of the full bladder pressing against something...or both, who knows.  I'm doing to jump in the car and head to the park now.....I love peeing in the car (leather seats that can easily be cleaned), but am going to try to hold it at least until I get there...and if there are not many people around, I will get out and sit on a bench before I enjoy the bliss of letting go and flooding myself!
Well I actually made it to the park before I lost control.....but I started to leak before I actually sat down.  I'm not sure that was actually a loss of control or just knowing I was about to get some release.  I still have not ever been able to hold it until I just could not hold it any more and seriously lost control.  I guess I'll have to keep playing when I have a bit more time to find out how that would work.  I'd be interested to hear from anyone else how it happens.  I know I was getting some cramps, but still had muscle control  I assume at some point everything just quits and you let go no matter where you are. felt so great to sit out on the park bench watching the birds and feel the glorious warmth of the peeing flooding my jeans.  Can't wait till next time!
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I love it to flood my tight jeans while sitting on a park bench on a sunny day, peeing a few good squirts while good-looking women/girls are passing by...

Yes, eventually your bladder overcomes your sphincter muscle and you start to pee no matter what!