Kindergarten Wetting

When I was 5, in Kindergarten he bathrooms were strictly for use before and after lunchtime/playtime. I never had to pee before that and would always have to pee during the time we were outside playing on the playground. Everytime I had to pee I told the teachers I had to go and they would say "hold it for 5 minutes" or "you should have went earlier". I really hated having to play outside with the urge to pee. Sometimes on he way outside I would get excited and pee a little. I would do more during the winter days because you couldn't see the spots I made.

One day I was late to school and didn't get to use he bathroom. It was he middle of winter in New Jersey and it was fairly cold. When the class read a story instead of going outside in the snow I had to pee badly. I asked the teacher but she said no. I waited just a little longer but I couldn't any longer. I started to walk out of the classroom. The teacher stopped me and asked where I was going. "to the bathrooms" I said. She grabbed my arm Nd pulled me back inside he room. I was in a time out and had to sit in the corner for 10 minutes. I REALLY had to pee know and could go at any minute. I had really thick and black jeans for he winter weather. I sat in he chair and let out small squirts of pee into my pants. At one point I was allowed to join my friends in the activity and when I stood he pee rushed out into my pants. No one noticed; not even he teachers.

I started doing this everytime I was wearing those clothes. Sometimes a little spot would be visible and I would laugh because no one saw. When the warm weather came be we were let outside again I would pee a little, let it dry and pee again. It felt amazing. I'm 14 now and have been using his same technique through grade school and at home. Now I can't stop!!
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rusty zipper is right - why stop if you enjoy it ......... I haven't

That's OK. There is no reason to stop. It's the best free entertainment you'll ever have. And it's something that you can enjoy for your entire lifetime.