I Still Wet The Bed Most Nights

I am a lifelong bedwetter. I have had dry periods but they never lasted long. I have been back to nightly wetting for almost four years now and happy being this way. As a child I was seldom dry at night and this continued through my teens although by this time I was often wetting deliberately because I realised just how much I enjoyed the feeling. I know if I had made an effort during my teens I could have beaten my bedwetting but the plain and simple truth was and still is I like being wet at night. I genuinely sleep so much better when I wet my bed and always have.  I have always had day time accidents too. As a kid I often wet my self and didn't really care so if no one noticed I just stayed in my wet pants. As I get older I find I am starting to have wet pants again and will have to think about day time protection soon. I sleep in nappies and plastic pants most nights to keep my bed reasonably dry and comfortable. I know I will always be a bedwetter and accept that complete urinary incontinence is only a matter of time. I can honestly say this doesn't worry me at all.
Stillwetshisbed Stillwetshisbed
51-55, M
May 11, 2012