I lost control of my bladder at age 11, I go through 2-3 diapers a day, and I wet my bed every night, I don't know why I lost control of my bladder! Can anyone help me?
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It's ok

It happens a lot when kids reach puberty, see a Urologist to find out exactly what is going on.

No worries I have been wetting the bed forever. I made it thru the USMC and US army.

If you would like to chat I may be able to give you some helpful advice msg me if ur interested:-)

Have you been to a doctor?

I'm not no doctor but, do you think it could have been from your parents passing away? Because is there is such thing ad as depression incontinence.

I no how u feel I were nappies all life cause I have autism aspergers and I'm autistic I would like to talk if u wont

Sure :)

Can u add me it's not let me

Can u add me please

You just need to re potty train

How do you re potty train? I really just want to be out of diapers!

Add me and we can figure out a way