At My Friends Flat

This was about 15 years ago... I went down to San Fransisco to visit a friend, he had a flat in Haight. He didn't have an extra bed or sofa, so I brought my sleeping bag to crash on his floor. He surprised me with some Ecstasy. If you've never tried it, well, it's great stuff, but it makes you REALLY thirsty. We went out to a party, and I drank beer after beer. I'm a bedwetter anyway, and at the time I hadn't put myself back in diapers, I was so stoned I basically passed out, and needless to say I FLOODED my sleeping bad... and his livingroom carpet. In the morning I made some lame lie about knocking over a water bottle. I doubt he believed me, heck he probably suspected I was a bedwetter anyway - I say because months previously I was riding in his car and he told me about his drunk friend who fell asleep in the passenger seat and pissed himself... and he looked at me like "and you?" Anyway, we never discussed my soaking his carpet.
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Aug 9, 2010