So Glad I Did

I was at my best friends house erlier on in the yearand i forgot my sleeping bag so i got to share her bed i had drank 6 bottles of pepsi 4 bottles of j2o and then we went to bed i couldn't get out of bed to go to the loo because there were so many people at my feet (the other girls at the sleepover) i thorght i would let a little out and hold the rest till morning but i could;nt stop the flow i turrned on to my stomch both hands on my croch crying and just maneging to keep about half my pee in i felt the matress it was soking i began to cry then my best mate grabbed my arm its ok she said i'm doig it to right now she put mylegs in frount of her lay me down and peed on my chest i did the same for her and now we pee on eachother all the time.
i am so glad i lost control or i wouldn't have found a pee partner.
please comment
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U two can pee on me...

do you still meet? that is very nice, if you randomly get known to people like the same as you

Wow, that is super hot and completely lucky. I bet that was a great night :)

keep the stories coming

Fabulous story, u can use me anytime

great story, wish i could find a pee buddy...

Two girls peing on each other. WOW I'd love to watch. Or better yet be the man in the middle while you pe on each other and me.

wait so u guys peed on eachother? thats hot i want to do that!!

That's really nice to hear. I know how hard it is to find someone understanding. My first girlfriend would wet herself for me now and then. She wasn't exactly into it, but I'm pretty sure she liked how crazy it made me, which was fun, but unfortunately we broke up eventually. My last girlfriend would hold it sometimes, and she told me stories about when she wet herself, but never actually did it :(. Still, third times the charm eh?

do u like diapers?

God how sexy! I just learned how much I love to pee and I'd lovew to find a girl who would do all the things I imagine you and your girlfriend are doing by now. Please write more about your activities. Loe your (maybe?) pisssiss Noelle

That's lovely to hear - I like a happy ending!<br />

i am pleased u have found a pee partner to and i am so lucky because my fioncie is into pee as well so dosent mind me and janice wetting togetheras long as i pee on him at least once a day

Great result! Amazing for you to find out by accident!

Peeing in your pants is great, but you have to try pooping. It is a great expirence

That is awesome it is so hard to find partners into peeing my girl friend is not into pee but she will pee her pants, the bed, and on me when I aske her too. she is wonderfull and I am so glad I have found myself a pee partner as well