One time I was at my friends Jason's house and I had to pee when I first got there but I completely ignored the fact I had to do that, So I just continued the day. When we crawled into bed I was on a matress with my other friend Alex and we had to share it inless one of us wanted to sleep on the floor because Jason had the bed. Still having to pee I tried to ignore it, I kept saying its fine just go to sleep. Turns out that ways a horrible idea because I had this dream where I was using the bathroom but the pee wasn't going in the toilet even though I was aiming for it.....It.....It felt like I was wetting myself. At this point I was like OH ****!! and I woke up to find myself soaked. I went into the bathroom to clean myself up and Alex woke up and also found himself a little wet but he knew it wasn't him because it was on his leg and nowhere around the crotch And he walked up and knocked on the bathroom door (so he could go pee) and I had no other choice but to walk out in my wet pajama pants. Alex started laughing and I just pushed him out of the way and went to bed. I was about 9yrs old when this happened no one else found out about it other than Alex so I thought it was pretty cool he was nice enough not to tell.
Wetjeans12345 Wetjeans12345
26-30, M
Aug 17, 2014