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I Wet The Bed At Summer Camp!

 Last summer  I had gone to sleep at a summer camp in the Blue Ridge area after drinking ten cups of water. In the morning I woke up before evry one else in the cabion to fin I had wet the bed. Unfochonely I was on a top bunk and the urion had spilled over on the boy below me lukely how ever I the boy was a bed wetter. So I got up and changegd close and swich the sheets win an empty bunk.

prank12321 prank12321 13-15, M 10 Responses Jan 18, 2010

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My first time at Boy Scout camp for the summer we hiked into the woods many miles. We had a 12 year old eagle scout. Ayone who knows scouting knows that's not possible w/o some sort of cheating; his father was the scout master and signed him off on things he couldn't do. A Life scout must be able to save a life, for instance. He couldn't swim.<br />
Since his dad was the scout master the kid was able to get away with anything. He became a bully. One day he threatened my life and led the other boys to chase me out of the camping area. I stayed out until way after dark. I was really at the edge of camp, but I didn't think the leader would protect me because he was willing to cheat for his son the bully. I fially let myself be "found." Afraid of sleeping in my tent they let me sleep in the Scout masters car. I had been given several sodas and wet the backseat of the car so heavily my clothes were almost totally wet, even my tennis shoes. The whole car stank. For the last week and a half I shared a tent with a boy known to wet the bed. That was the first break I got at that camp. He wore diapers to bed and everybody knew it. They didn't tease him, I guess, because he never tried to hide it. He had extra rubber pants, but not extra diapers. We used our towels and some of the grownups gave me their towels. I dried them out on a clothes line, but they got really smelly. Nevertheless they worked. I spent the rest of the camping trip wearing towels as diapers every night, and since I was with the known wetter no one harrassed me. It was the best kid-camp I ever attended. The biggest thing I learned from that experience is that if I hide and act like I have to be ashamed of something other people will follow suit. Now I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants night and day and everyone knows. I don't have a secret so there is nothing to get "found out." I got to church, the store, the doctor, the gym, literally everywhere wearing cloth diapers and NOBODY CARES. I feal so free. I wear cloth instead of disposables because all the disposables I've tried leak. Cloth diapers are much more forgiving; if you suddenly flood in the middle ofsermon, and don't jump up to change immediately, you don't leak all over the theatre's seats. Cloth diapers are definitly superior to disposables.

I Have never been to camp because of my bedwetting I even left the Boy Scouts because I refused to go camping and they made a big deal about it.

True, but you know how when a kid and you spend the night over at a friends, and because you are so worried that your going to wet yourself that you never really sleep good. Therefore you don't wet, well that is the same basic idea. A bed wetter who wets every night would most likely never go to camp, but one that occasionally does might take the chance. Plus with the help of the counselors it really reduces accidents and when they do happen make it easier to hide them from everyone else.

I can understand disbursing the wetters into all cabins, but the thought that the counselors could keep such events "discrete" is comical. Trust me, if it happened with any frequency all of the other cabin residents soon knew the story.

I have been to several camps when I was a young boy, we never had a bed wetters cabin. I know that one of the questions on the camp health form my parents filled out was "Is the child a Bed Wetter". If you were a bed wetter you were then helped by whoever was your camp counselor was to keep accidents from happening. If an accident did occur then they woke you before the others and the bedding was dealt with before anyone got up. Because of this they tried to spread out the bed wetters in order to make it easier for the counselors. I think the reason they did not have a bed wetters cabin is because it would then be more obvious, also most bed wetters never came to camp.

Hiya Cody, being a bedwetter should never keep you from having fun and a good time at camp! Glad to hear you have such a great friend. Since he was in the bedwetter's cabin, did he wet his bed as well? I recall you are more or less expected to be wet in the bedwetter's cabin. Sometimes a boy who had a dry night would be teased by the other bedwetters - and then he'd wet himself on purpose ;-)

my freind never did wet the bed so he didnt do it there either. mostly he just like helped the nurse some. he is always like the best jock at all the sports and stuff so everybody like wants to be his friend and all. it makes me feel special he likes me and is so sweet to me is what i wanted to tell about. i hope if somebody reads this they will remember to be nice to their friends that might wet the bed or if ur that bedwetter u wont be so scared to go to camp

i wanted to go to a summer camp from the church my foster mom took me to because some of my friends were going and it sounded way cool. she said i couldnt go because i alwyas wet the bed and it would be a big prob. then she found out that a lady she knows from that church was the going to be the camp nurse so she talked to her and found out there is a special cabin for bedwetters and she told my mom to let me come and she would take care of me. i totally wanted to go but was a little bit scared too so my best friend said he would stay with me in the bedweters cabin if i went so i did. hes like a total jock so no body messes with me when hes around and i got to go and have a good time at the camp like all the other boys. i alerady luved him but when he did that for me it was so sweet i will never forget what a total friend he is.

I would be interested in what davyyy asked as well. Also how old were you?

I've been to a lot of summer camps and wet the bed at all of them. The good thing is, you're never the only bedwetter there! Did you only wet the bed that one night or did it happen more often?

that was luck!