'Last night'. Has been happening over the last few days, and my husband hasn't been bothered by any :]

I still had to get up and check on my baby though. About 4am this morning.
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wish i would wake up in a puddle of your pee

You're so lucky. My wife gets mad at me. When it happens to regularly I have to go back to pullups.

When I first met my husband back in college, I told him I had some special 'issues', since then he doesn't care much about my issues because he knows that I like and enjoy it, we've had really peaceful times even though I've messed up the bed many times.

That's awesome girl. You are very lucky! I probably should have done the same when my wife and I first met. I knew then.

Thank you for replying to my post. It gives me some hope with my wife :-)

Was curious. Does your husband enjoy? Tolerate or just look the other way?

I apologize if I could have found this answer in your stories. I am somewhat rushed this morn. Work.

He just silently tolerates what I do.

better than anger and disgust :-)

I feel like we are collectively sighing............................

Thank you for your thoughts.

No problem!

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