Before I had diapers to use, whenever I really wanted to pee myself I would often sit on a computer chair in my room while playing video games and slowly pee my jeans onto the chair. It always dripped on the floor too but it wasn't really a big deal. Other times I would be lying in my bed on my stomach watching TV and I would get horny enough to purposefully pee the bed while I was laying there. It would slowly spread across the crotch in my jeans and it felt great pushing to pee myself and having my pants be so warm. Having diapers now makes the clean up a million times easier though haha
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Wooow, awesome! At what age did you start wetting your bed while lying on your bed watching TV? Did you do that only at night or also in daytime and how often did you do it?<br />
Didn't you get caught or could you hide it and what about your friends? Did they find out?<br />
Wish I had seen you doing that! :-)

U r a nortie little boy 4 wetting your pants & should b punished 4 what u did.<br />
I should b spanked bad 4 wetting the bed & your jeans like that, i do if i wet my bed.<br />
your mum should keep u in nappies until u can keep your self clean & dry.