Well I Ran Out

I'm out of goodnites for the moment and can't manage to get more, so I've been wetting my pants and bed again recently instead.

Since I haven't been wetting on purpose for too long I still have to push pretty hard before I can get a steady stream to start, but I love the feeling nonetheless and having to strain a bit for it just makes it feel all the dirtier and more intentional. I love the feeling of when it spreads out slowly from the tip into your underwear and you know feel the sheets starting to get wet, because you know that you've passed the point of deciding not to pee yourself. When it starts to get hard to push anymore out I start rubbing myself slowly and generally stay in my bed and think about wetting with a girl in bed with me until I *** onto my stomach.

Always makes for a good night :P
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1 Response Jul 13, 2010

That feeling when it is too late and you are already peeing through your pants in to the sheets is just wonderfull. The point when you think to hell with it and totally soak the bed and then lay in your wetness. Before I regresed back to true sleep wetting I used to do that most nights and then sleep in my wetness. Lovely.