Well I already have to pee. I enjoy doing it while laying in bed. This isn't a problem, however my mattress protector is missing. I washed it and I cant find it. And last time i wet the bed it went through the protector and soaked the mattress. I'm thinking of just wetting the bed again with no protector. I'm worried about the smell, though I know from when I was younger that baking soda works well for that. I just... I'm just wondering if i should.
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My first GFs pee didn't have a really strong lingering odor, but she also had a pet bunny that we blamed the smell on. However my second GFs pee did, and mine does :/ unless i drink a bunch of water, at which point it's clear.

My first GF also just happened to have a very nice mattress protector. It was basically like those cloth ones, but had a quiet rubber-plastic coating on the bottom side. Unfortunately, it didn't hold up to being washed very well, but still did a pretty good job.

When I was little, I had one that had a cloth layer, and then a separate plastic layer underneath, which got little tears after it was washed a few times.

I was looking on amazon.com and they're about $25 for a full size mattress, (that's the size i have) but they're cheaper for smaller mattresses, and a little more expensive for larger mattresses.

"Dreamaway Waterproof Mattress Protector" - I found this hilarious considering the subject i was just on.

I love the aroma of a wet bed.

Have you ever peed while sitting on someone's lap? I've always wanted to see how that feels.


If not too late, I'd say you should. If it's leaked thru before, then it shouldn't be a big deal this time-especially if you've got the clean up down. Is the protector plastic, but split from use?

it had a cloth feeling but the under part was kinda plastic. it didnt go completely around the mattress like a zip up kind but kinda like a fitted sheet.

U could always put some towels down

Yes this is true

Better some protection then none but u could also try laying down a trash bag too under the towels

I leaked a little and my mattress got a little wet. I almost forgot how good that felt

Yea I don't get often enough chances to get to wet

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