Double Wetting At San Francisco Marriott

I was in San Francisco for a conference statying at the Marriott.  I brought one diaper and rubber pants for my one night.  I woke up about 3am with my diaper soaked and it was kind of uncomfortable since the legs on the rubber pants were very tight and hurting my legs.  Figuring the "damage" had been done,  I took off the diaper and rubber pants and went back to bed in just underwear. I awoke about 6:30am, in a well peed bed, soaked from my knees to my shoulders.  What a mess.  Since I was flying home in about 3 hours, I abandoned my soaking wet underwear and T-shirt since I had no interest in packing it in my carry-on.

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4 Responses May 12, 2010

It reminded me of what happened to me the other night, I also woke up in a soaking diaper round 3am the plastic pants legs were so uncomfortable and tight cos i was so soaked but i had fallen asleep and forgot to change my diaper which was on the bed next to me, so i took off my diaper in my sleep took the one next to me >>>ithe next thing i knew it was 8am i was in a soaking bed and the diaper still in my hand lol, i had a big clean up job, i wish i had put on that diaper lol<br />
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What? You think the used underwear and t-shirt were an inadequate tip? Of course, I left some cash too !

LOL- Of Course-most adults who still suffer from the problem lack a hormone that reduces the production of urine at night. You can be medicated for it, which helps somewhat, but the side effects in many cases, including me, are worse than the "problem" which can be routinely managed with diapers.

Have you sought medical advice for this?