Ipeed The Bed

last night i went to bed needing a pee . i woke up as i felt a gushing sensation it was only when i stoped i reailized i had been peeing and was now in a puddle of pee it was all up my tummy as well i changed my sheets and put them in the laundry it always happens as i am waking up
peepantspippi peepantspippi
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7 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Should of had that wonderful Diaper on it would of felt better and your bed would of been Dry!!

I have been wearing them at night for about eight years, Now I cannot get to sleep without one as I no longer feel settled unless I am wearing one.

i wear diapers too sometime at night i feel the need to pee , as soon as i stand up i fill my diaper

I have always wet the bed. Just enjoy it and if it happens regularly, wear a diaper.

why dont you just lye back and enjoy it would love to chat sometime wat part of scotland are you from<br />
<br />
garath xx

i can so relate hate it in winter

I frequently wake up during the night and discover I have wet the bed even though I was wearing a diaper and plastic pants. During the cold weather season this is especially upsetting since the room is cold and it only makes it twice as uncomfortable.