Not A Hotel Bed, But A Holiday Home

Although this is about wetting the bed in a holiday home rather than a hotel, I thought it should go here anyway as its similar enough.

I was sharing a holiday home with mates on a stag weekend. I don't want any of them to know I like peeing the bed, and I didn't intend on doing so, so I had not arranged for any protection. In fact, I hadn't even bothered to put the sheets on the bed (the staff apparently don't do this in these holiday homes). There were sheets provided as well as duvets and pillows.

The first night we all had a bit too much to drink, and I woke up at some ungodly hour in the morning peeing in the bed. This was completely accidental, and has started happening to me since I started deliberate bed wetting. Since the bed didn't even have sheets on it, I was peeing straight on to the mattress.

I looked across and my mate was asleep, so I got out of bed to inspect the damage. We had left the light on and I could see that my pants were obviously wet, but there was no visible stain on the mattress. It was wet to touch but there was no visual evidence. I couldn't believe my luck. I turned off the light and went back to bed. I don't normally like sleeping in a wet bed, but I was drunk enough not to care.

When I woke in the morning, I needed to pee again. Since the mattress did not show any visible signs of being wet, I decided to toilet myself in bed again. I turned to lay on my front, as I didn't want to wet the white duvet and leave an obvious stain, and then just let go (I had pulled the duvet over by now). After a bit, I sort of raised myself up, so I could see the stream. I looked down and could the bulge in my white boxers and a very yellow stream pouring out of it and going straight into the mattress. I didn't completely empty, and just lay there for a bit until my mate woke up. I pretended to be asleep and waited for him to go out with the others.

Now with the home to myself, I took off my sodden pants and got back into bed. This time I emptied myself completely. I got out of bed to inspect it again. As before, there was no visible stain on the mattress, despite having received my strong yellow morning wee. Unfortunately, I had somehow managed to wet the duvet, which did have a yellow stain on it. Oh well, if anyone said anything I would just pretend it was an accident as I had gotten so drunk. This would be totally believable due to the amount we had consumed, and at least in part – true.

I got up and felt the mattress. Soaked. I put my nose to it and it smelt like the urinal I had used it as. I flipped it in case anyone sat on it or something and the other side was completely dry. I carefully placed the duvet in a pile so you couldn't see the stain and left it like that.

The following night I slept on the dry side. My room mate didn't come back to our house. The following morning I woke up and the bed was dry. I was alone in a bed on a mattress that didn't show pee stains. I might not get another opportunity like this, so once again I wet the bed. This time, I didn't bother trying to keep the duvet dry, I just wet where I lay. It felt so naughty to deliberately wee in an unprotected mattress, especially since this was the 'clean' side.

I got up and flipped the mattress again. The other side was still damp. Opps. It wasn't too bad though and I hoped it would dry as the day wore on.

I didn't wet any more as I wanted the mattress to dry out as much as possible and to lose the pee smell before the staff came back after we left.
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Sep 10, 2012