The Most Desperate I've Ever Been!

the other day, I woke up very early in the morning with the urge to pee. it was so bad that I couldn't go back to sleep. so I got up, barely making it to the bathroom with a few spurts on the way, sat down and peed for about a minute straight. but something was weird; after I finIshed, I still felt warm. When I went to wipe I realized I hadn't pulled my panties down ! it was six am, so I was kinda out of it. I went back into my room , put on clean panties an went back to bed. at about 9 o'clock, Jenna called me to tell me she was on her way to pick me up ! We had planned on spendng the day together. I told her that she'd have to give me a minute because I'd overslept . so she came over and we had breakfast and I told her about what happened that morning. we laughed about then I went upstairs to take a shower and get ready. I was in a good mood; I put on my favorite pair of tight jeans and a tshirt . we decided to go shopping then we'd go to lunch. we left my place at like 11:30 . I hadn't gone pee since 6 am ; so I was starting to have to go. but I wasn't deperate for a toilet. at about 12:30 after going to 3 or 4 stores I started to feel it. I told Jenna that I needed to go. She told me she needed to go number 2 and that we'd go after lunch ; which was where we were headed now. I was sure I could do that. when we got to the resteraunt I was ready to burst. my jeans were tightly presse against my bladder and I tried to adjust them so they wouldn't be; but I was only making matters worse. the short walk from the parking lot into the resteraunt was extremely painful ; worried I wasn't going to make it there . for a moment we stood there ; waitn to be seated , the whole time I was crossing my legs and swaying , tying not to be too obvious. finally the lady seated us . as soon as she showed us our table, quickly stared towards the restrooms. but Jenna stopped me and told me to wait until we ordered our drinks then she would come with me . so I sat down, so desperate now I didn't even want to get back up. there was noone around us really so I grabbed my crotch an scooted back and forth, trying to keep back all the pee that had building up since 6 am and it was now one. everytime I scooted forward, my pans pushed into my bladder causing an almost-squirt. finally our waitress came over and asked what we'd like to drink. I ordered a coke and Jenna ordered a sweet tea. as soon as the waitress left I jumped up and stared for the bathroom. Jenna was alreay infront of me and walked in first. it was a one person bathroom, with one stall and a sink . we both went in. Jenna sat down before me. I immediatly started yelling. "yu know how desperate I've been for like 2 hours ! I'm about to pee myself !" her response was : " I was about to **** myself." I was so frusterated and desperate for a toilet I was half temped to pee in the sink. I just yelled hurry up! I had both bands tightly squeezed in between my legs . I swayed back aNd forth. then I tried bending my knees slightly and bending over while holdin my crotch. this seemed to help. then I felt a little wet. I quickly checked , there was no wetspot on my jeans, but I knew my panties were soaked. I tried sitting on the edge of the sink and scooting. but no matter what I did, the pressre kept building . i finally just decided that if Jenna wasn't done I was going in the sink. I was soooo desperate. my eyes were watering and my legs were shaking. my stomach was bloated over my jeans. I crossed my legs and attempted to unbutton my jeans. they were really tough to unbutton. both of my hands were at work trying to get them unbuttoned , and my legs were doing horribly at keeping in the pee, because not 20 seconds after I began the struggle, I leaked. a big squirt soaked my panties and made a small dark spot under my crotch. the warmth only made the urge worse , and I knew that if I didn't get my pants unbuttoned in the next 60 seconds the flood gates would be opened. I crossed my legs tighter and tried again. another squirt, this one running down my thigh and making a dark spot on my pants. I held my crotch tight and knew I wasn't going to make it. suddenly the toilet flushed and jenna exited the stall. I quickly ran in , still trying to unbutton my pants. another short squirt dripped from my pants warning me that I was about to have a majo problem. I tried to pull my pants down but I couldn't ! I sat on the edge of the toilet seat and scooted back and forth while trying to unbutton my pants but it was no use. it was too tight. I couldn't decide if I wanted to just let go over the toilet seat, or stand up and enjoy it. being me, I picked option 2 . there was a drain under me anyway. I stood up and shoved my hand into my crotch, still trying my hardest to hold it in. I gave a little push . a huge squirt ran down my other leg and dripped onto the floor. Jenna asked if was alright. I told her that my pants wouldn't come undone and that i was already a little wet and was still trying to undo my pants. she asked if I wanted her help. I said that If I couldn't get it myself that I was just going to enjoy it since I hadn't peed my pants in a while. she just replied that she wished she could have joined me and said she was just gonna go out and order for us and if I need her to text her. when she walked out I crossed my legs and danced around and trie one more time to undo my pants but they would not budge ! I spread my legs slightly and swayed back and forth, holding my crotch . suddenly ther was a bug squirt and it ran down the back of my leg and splashed in the floor. another one followed that, wrapping around my entire leg. another big one after that went straight from my crotch to the floor. a little stream followed that. making my butt wet. finally I just decided to let it go. at first it started splashing really hard on the floor so I hesitated and tried to stop the flow with my hand, but it just kept coming. through my hand, panties, and jeans, soaking my pants and nailing the floor in a big yellow puddle. the drain couldn't keep up with it all. when I was done was dripping wet, my feet and legs were covered in pee. I felt so much better. I texted jenna and she brought me sweats from the car. I feldt sticky and gross, and I was super swollen down there. but I was relieved . that was the most desperate I'd ever been to pee.

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Your pee desperation really was erotic for me! Thanks.

I bet it felt good, The warm , tingly feeling as you wet your pants!

Really neat, you should have come out in the restaurant. It would have been cool to see you in wet pants.

GOD...I wish I could have been in THAT bathroom!!! What a HOT ******* story!!!

great story

I wish you had been setting on my lap.

its made me super swolen down there too, thanks x

I love such szenarios so much. Thanks for sharing your experience, it is really exciting.