We've Heard It A Million Times Before But Who Believes It.

We’ve heard it a million times, but who believes it?

“what you think about most often will come” yah-yah-yah heard it before, but nothing good ever comes my way, life sucks, I can never…, it was never meant to be, not for me anyway. If this is how you think, you are right, and no more to be said.

There are many who battle themselves with thoughts like these and grow tired, feeling defeated, giving up, and settling in on these convinced thoughts. During this battle a question may be asked to oneself, “why me, how can it change and make my life better?”. Suddenly the question is answered, it’s perfect! Thanks! Feeling great for a moment knowing now what you must do, do we do it? Probably not, because a conversation goes on with our self usually starting out with yeah but… How do I know this, its simple, I’m no different we all have thought this way at some time or another.

We all want something, we are constantly thinking of things, many, many things, because we do want everything. And once in a while we receive something we wanted, it makes us feel great, sometimes we say “I knew it”. But most of the time it does not come, and with disappointment after disappointment we feel tired, feel defeated, it’s a circle of emotions that never seem to end.

We’ve heard about the doorways, the keys, the path, yah-yah-yah. “so anyways you know what happened the other day” and we choose to change the subject, never to listen because it sounds like some religious thing, I’m not interested, there’s to many different beliefs around the world and it all boils down to one thing “give me your money”. I’m not a follower, never have been and never will be.

Wait! You know what, I am a follower, I’ve followed my intuition, I’ve followed my thoughts: what comes to me when I’m in deep thought. I’ve made quick decisions, some work out, but yet some haven’t, Why?

The why question is the most often question we ask our self, and most of the time we hear the perfect answer we are searching for, but…, here we go again, are we listening, maybe for a moment, and then here comes all that chitter-chatter stopping our self once again.

So how about the spiritual thing, what is spirituality? Many believe its some religious thing. The honesty truth about it is, it is not a religious thing. It is the spirit of power that we are (the human being) its who we are.

Wow! I discovered something amazing I must share with you. Finally everything good comes my way.

Are you listening? Probably not. Ok I’m done writing, I’m tired, I’m going to bed, maybe we’ll continue this later.  

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I keep reading this story over..I love the inspiration and your comforting words..I'm smiling!

Thank you moksha18, if 18 stands for your age,it is wonderful to have thoughts and beliefs this way because your life is just beggining ad the world is yours, just keep believing with your good thoughts and amazing events will start happening listen carefully to the silent voice you hear telling you the perfect story and soon you Will have, be or do anything you desire.<br />
Keep on believing my darling!

I fully agree with you..everything is in the mind and a strong mind has a tremendous healing power. Thanks for sharing incredible thoughts...absolutely wonderful.

Dear Meggi, as I read what you have written through my watery eyes I kept thinking how can I help you. I hope you believe me when I say you do hold within you this magical power with the mind, but it is way more than positive thinking. It is tapping into the power of thought, I'll explain in the most easiest way I know how. please try this; When you are relaxed allow yourself to drift off into a meditated state with thoughts of " I will heal myself, I can heal myself" say this over and over again to yourself repeatedly with no other thoughts, they will try to enter but flick them away, i know it is easier said than done but insist upon it. This does take practice and as I can see you have plenty of time to master it. however it all comes from how you think, believe, focus in and allow. during this relaxed state, breathe in deep and exhale deeper, slowly, and soon you will be so relaxed you can talk to your inside body parts,silently, no drugs please, this must come from inside yourself because that is where you must focus, do not think of the word pain, eliminate any such word, you must only concentrate on the word "heal". once you contain this focus you shall Think of it all the time. It is a slow proccess but each day will pass to the next day where you will begin to feel better inside. The mind is powerful and is to only please what you deeply wish.<br />
Believe,trust, focus into yourself and the magic will begin, he pain will slowly subside, and each day will get better.<br />
I truly hope this helps you. Please any time ask and I will help guide you.<br />
With Love Dale

SharedKnowledge.<br />
<br />
You know, I have good days, when I've managed more than an hour of proper sleep and when the pain meds are actually doing their job and on those days, I feel positive. I get on and do those things I haven't been able to do - such as housework......<br />
<br />
It's difficult, however, to be positive when, after a night of merely dozing for a few moinutes every so often because pain and horrendous spasming of leg and foot have made it impossible to find a comfortable position in bed, I have to literally drag myself out of bed.<br />
On those days, the pain is overwhelming and renders me incapable of even the simplest of physical tasks.<br />
<br />
Last October, after months of stress and anxiety, caused by a local gang who'd targeted my seventeen-year-old son, I steeled my resolve and took him away to spend a weekend with friends in the North East of England.<br />
<br />
During those three days, I forced myself through the pain barrier in order to show my son the coastal resort that I love so much - and to get around without imposing any burden on our friends.<br />
<br />
I was introduced to a friend of our friends. A young man named Jim, who was born with Cerebral Palsy. It affected the growth of his legs and feet. When he was three years old, his parents were told that he woulkd never be capable of walking and would be wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life.<br />
<br />
His father refused to accept that prognosis and set about putting Jim through a gruelling daily routine of exercises, forcing him to get up onto his feet and walk. <br />
The pain Jim endured, he told me, was often more than he felt he could bear and he came to hate his father......<br />
<br />
Jim is now thirty-two. He lives independantly and walks - albeit with a most unwieldy gait. He has a girlfriend, who adores him. They both know, however, that their relationship can't last. <br />
She wants children, you see - and that's what Jim can't give her. He also knows that he won't live to be old - and he won't impose his decline on her.<br />
<br />
Over a few beers on the Saturday evening of our the weekend, Jim gave me a new way to look at my pain.<br />
He advised that, rather than viewing it as an enemy, an invader that must be beaten down at all costs, I should try to see it as a part of myself. I should accept the bad days and not feel guilty that I couldn't accomplish what I feel I should accomplish.<br />
There's no shame in sometimes conceding defeat, he said. There are days on which he can barely drag himself upright, much less get out of his flat - and he accepts those days as part of who he is.<br />
<br />
Long story short, then. I returned from that trip determined to implement Jim's advice - after all, it works for him......<br />
<br />
For a couple of months, I succeeded and felt good.<br />
<br />
At the beginning of this year, however, the expected degeneration of my condition set in with a vengence. <br />
<br />
I'd known, since diagnosis, in 1997, that the day would come, but my medical advisers hadn't expected it to be so rapid.<br />
<br />
Over the last two months, as my spine has continued its collapse, my mobility has decreased, the pain has INCREASED anad I've become exhausted by lack of sleep.<br />
<br />
I had support for a while from my local church, but, sadly, the church is being disbanded - because the congreagation has dwindled to so few that the Diocesan Council has decided it's no longer financially viable.<br />
<br />
I've rambled on long enough, so I'll wind up now.<br />
<br />
I grasp the good days and try to do what I can, but I have to accept that the bad days have to be accepted. No amount of positive thinking will take away the sheer agony of a collapsing spine that affects the nerves in my leg and foot.<br />
<br />
I appreciate your response, though, SharedKnowledge and thank you for taking the time to reach out.<br />
<br />

Everything good comes my way! I think I can believe it. I am trying.

My dear megg56 Please if you will, think you can, believe you can, and you will diminish your constant pain away, I know it is easy to say,, but the power you do hold inside your self can and will make you feel better. The mind is the strongest power we hold ; only if you choose, or perhaps it can be the weakest part if we also choose. We hear of great happenings all the time, believe you can fight through your tough times, and you will be amazed how everything can change!<br />
<br />
Its unfortunate that you feel the way you do, but you can truly change how you think, and when you do you will understand that any handicap can be a reward, because you will be able to tell others how you overcame your struggles. When your in deep thought of how can I; Remember what comes to you in the whispered words of wisdom, you will always hear the answers, act upon what you hear and everything will get better. please believe!<br />
<br />
Eliminate the words I Can't and believe you will, think about it all the time and amazing healing will begin. I can go on and tell you how I heal myself, how I helped my daughter to change the destiny of her life when at birth she would have been crippled never to walk, but because of what I believed and acted upon. Everything changes when you listen carefully to what comes to you from the whispered words of wisdom.

Aren't you the fortunate one.....?<br />
<br />
You keep thinking positive all you like.<br />
<br />
Clearly you never had to deal with a life-altering PHYSICAL condition that dictates - by sheer pain - what you can do on any single day.<br />
<br />
I CAN'T mend my collapsing spine by sheer thought, or take away the constant pain and diminishing mobility this condition causes by simply willing it away.

WOW that's a very powerful message SK. I don't think I could have ignored that one either! So glad you are here and are able to share with us =)

Thank you snowbunny, I love sharing what comes to me, I hold no secrets. Helping others is who I am and my life is amazing now that I fully understand the "inner I of my self" the connecting power from thought that brings to me everything good I desire. That's exactly how I was brought here to EP.<br />
<br />
I was in deep thought, thinking if I can only help others, sharing the knowledge tha comes to me, and like magic I turned on my computer, EP was my home page, when it was msn. i never question who or why things happen like this for me because I know now how the universe works.

Great post! This is an amazing place to get your mind and thought process too... I hope you will continue to share with us :)