Yes I Want To Get Realy Fat And Blubbery

But I have a long way to go to do so. I am 21 and only 120 lbs. I dont work out or do to much labor, I like to sit on my but all day and watch tv and play vido games. I dont think I ganing any lbs and I would like some advicel on how to get to my first gole of 250 lbs. My over all goal is to gain at least 600 lbs of pure fat that would put me at 720 lbs. It is a goal that is alittle out there right now but I know somday I will get there ( with some help, would speed thing up ).
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Well eat like, shovelfuls of food as snacks and have maybe 10 servings each meal and TONS of desserts and junkfoods and you should get there in no time :)

Yeah, if I could eat that much. heh heh.

Start small and slightly increase the size of your meals each day...they'll grow huge before you know it!

How about making friends with some fat guys and girls? Maybe they'd help fatten you up. --HXTP

I have some fat friends, but I only see them at school.

How are your fat friends doing now?

Maybe you can do something with them like some school-related activity which includes eating somewhere. --HXTP

Great idea!

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A feeder would also be nice.

I would love to have one but no luck

They're hard to find. Keep looking. One might be living near you. --HXTP

Because you never know!




DO NOT EAT BREAKFAST! it kick starts you metabolism.<br />
<br />
Then eat 5/6 neals a day, with doing nothing in between, make them get gradually bigger throughout the day. Sleep from 10pm to 10 AM to ensure you store tons of calories, maybe also get naps in the day, 25,00 calorie diet, doing almost nothing should get you there.

Allready dont eat breakfast, and I go to bed around 12:30pm to 9:00am. The rest I would love to do but cant because of grandparents.

College? Also, You mean 12:30 am? cuz 12:30 pm is just after noon.

ya that's what I meant, and I am in college.

Ah, well, thats when you wanna do when you finish.

In addition to that, you can eat a tablespoon of nutella before going to bed for a quick 200 calories extra. Just brush your teeth afterwards.

You could eat 5 tablespoons for 1000 calories! --HXTP

I like the way you think, hxtp. Or you could do what I'm doing now. Eat 6 donuts for 1740 calories.

That's good! And if you buy the donuts by the dozen, six more will be there to answer the call of your little fat cells that want to be bigger. Of course, if you go on a donut craze, you can try for 7 in one sitting tomorrow, and 8 the next day. What to you wash them down with? --HXTP

Most at one time: 13. Attempting a new record today: 3 Chipotle burritos! Almost 6 pounds of food! Mmmmmm

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