I Need To Runaway With Some One That Live In Houston

im a girl that need to runaway i wont talk about it my life all i can say is my family is better with out me and i need some one in houston to star with.
sandessandlonelyness90 sandessandlonelyness90
13-15, F
4 Responses Jan 27, 2013

John 904 - 322 - 3313

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Don't come down to south main near 610. Astro world area. Your arms will be held behind your back and/or your wrists tied above your head. Your shirt/bra removed, jeans unbuttoned/unzipped then repeated punches will slam into your bellybutton area and your lower belly. You will painfully grunt as you feel his fist sink into your belly and smash your breasts flat. Having your breasts punched hurts. You will be tied/held spread eagle. Then you will be violently raped or have a solid object repeatedly thrust inside your vagina. If they are mean it will also be forced inside your anus. More pain. Go to westheimer, it is safer.

I live in Houston and I'm going to New York City in January. Why do you want to runaway? How old are u?

Have you ever had your arms held behind your back or tied above your head then be repeatedly punched in your belly or breasts? Have you ever been tied spread eagle then have objects thrust inside your vagina or be raped?