I like sheer to waist high gloss pantyhose from M&S or pretty polly 10 / 15 denier
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My favs are: Boots opaque thigh highs, petty polly 20 denier or nearly black thigh highs with large lace tops, boots opaque tights.

Hope to be friends must buy some tights from boots now xx

Well, the M&S have many-many good things.... I like the Per Una line's skirts.... :P

I shopped at Marks and Spencer when I was in London. They do have a nice selection of hosiery.<br />
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It was easy to tear up hose where I worked so I liked to go shopping on my way home. I'd buy pantyhose like those and slip into the ladies to put them on. Then on my way home I'd stop for a pint, a couple three times. I loved to visit a couple places on the way home. The tube and buses make it so easy and every corner has a pub. By the time I got home, I'd have had an accident or two. Take them off and hang them over a chair to dry so they'd be good to wear to work the next day.