The Why Of It

It's important that I hear from women who for the sheer fun of it like and encourage me to wear panties, preferably light pink, high cut briefs, size 6.. I'm kind of in the closet about wearing them but love to have them on but want to be able to show them to my girl friend or other girls together but do not know how to go about this.
csmelback csmelback
2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Thanks Leslie I will put them on then...okay? I am going to try to wear them at my girlfriends party with two close friends tonight and kind of show them a little under my trousers. Do you think that will work and they'll encourage me to show them completley...kinda scared though. Please much do I have to show for them to notice?

They probaly won't notice all all unless you point it out. Ppl just aren't looking for that kind of stuff.


What do you suggest...the three are fun loving and we are all good friends but don't thin I could just point to them unless I pushed by trousers down a little and pulled up the pink panties or could they see the panty line?

I think if its you, then wear them. They are fun to wear, so its silly to say guys can't enjoy them. I think its sexy when guys don't care what others think.

Okay I did! Do you want to see a picture? I will certainly understand if you would rather not.

Or is there another attractive woman like Leslie who would like to see a picture of me in panties?