Witer More-summer, Well

The cold winter (that seems to last and last and last) I am in a T-shirt and panties, but in the summer, either just panties or nothing at all (and I can't wait)

carriewpd carriewpd
26-30, F
5 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Summer is coming and not sleeping alone may chage (remove) things from me!

i can't wait to see you. wow. nothing on?

naked here to .... and when its warm which is not to often i sleep on top of the covers ... heh mewold we should have a sleep over ... i will show you my thunder and lightning ;O)

Ok, you got to me with this one. I sleep naked and usually on top of the covers. If it is too cold, I get under the covers, I don't put on clothes.

I personally enjoy sleeping naked. If it get's too cold, I'd rather put on warm socks than an undershirt and boxers.