CRAZY in this dream of mine, me, and my husband are walking up a flight of stairs. we are at some hotel. walk down a long hallway into our room, THEN......i realize i am pregnant and in labor.....NOW....i am not pregnant,and my tubes are tied. SO.....we are in this hotel room and we cant leave for some reason, now that im in labor, i lay on the floor and my aunt is with me for some odd reason and she checks me to see how close i am. then in this crazy dream of mine, i start bleeding and my aunt tells me the babies head is right there and im ripping.....and i yell NOOOOO....for my last baby i hemorrhaged and needed blood.....THEN I WOKE UP SWEATING AND BREATHING HEAVY......SOOOOO WHAT DOES THIS DREAM MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kslovelife3 kslovelife3
31-35, F
Aug 15, 2014