My Dream...

I was laying in bed and all of the lights were off, I couldn't speak or move and I was terrified. For minutes I was laying there in complete stillness and fear. I wanted to break free and escape into my moms room where she was passed out, and wake her up so I wouldn't be the only one awake. So finally I randomly broke free and I stood up and this black kid, about my age and about my size walked out of the bathroom and laid on another bed across the room, he let out a sigh and then he walked back into the bathroom. So I walked into the bathroom and all of the lights were turned on only in the bathroom and the kid was looking in the mirror examining his face, and he turned to me and said that he had been in bed and he couldn't move and there was this Weird lady asking him for blood and when he said "no" she got so angry that she grabbed his arms and he started to go blind and he said that he was so scared that he eventually just reached over, and grabbed a "scratch awl" on the night stand next to the bed and started repeatedly stabbing himself in the face until she got the blood that she wanted. He was still telling me what happened and he said that the next thing that happened was that he finally started to gain his vision back and the lady was no longer there. So he got up and went into the bathroom and started examining his face and there were no stab wounds anywhere on his face, and that's when he came out of the bathroom and sighed on the bed, and that's when he walked back into the bathroom for a second look to make sure his face was fine. That's when I followed him and walked into the bathroom. So after he got done telling me his horrible story, he started chuckling and he looked at me and said that he never wants to go blind. So I walked over to him and with a hug I told him that he's not gonna go blind. And when I hugged him he had a really slimy texture to his body, and I was completely unaware of why he felt so slimy. I looked down and there were several snakes slithering in and out of his skin and it looked as if his body had been burning for hours. So I let go of him and I fell on the floor in fear and I looked up and he was leaning over me but I couldn't see his face. For some weird reason the bathroom turned into my moms room, and I was still on the floor and the kid was still leaning over me. And I started to call my moms name but I couldn't scream or yell, and I was trying my hardest to scream and wake her up but she still lay there and I was never able to wake her. And something really weird happened. I was back in my bed and this time I could move, but the covers were over my face. So I uncovered my face and all of the lights were off again. There was a light switch over my head board, so I thought to myself "no way, not again", so I reached up and flipped the switch, and I was suddenly terrified, because when I flipped the switch no lights came on, there there was just a little flash and that was it. So I further uncovered my face and that's when I started streaming my moms name. The black kid that i saw earlier was standing in the middle of the room in the pitch black and he was facing away from me and he was stairing at the ceiling with his arms in an unexplainable position and his fingers were curled almost into a half fist. And I started shaking in my dream and I could actually feel my body shaking in real life and I wanted to wake up so bad that I started screaming my moms name so hard in my dream that right before I snapped out of it I yelled my moms name in real life and that's when I woke up.
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You should give a try. Just type in one word though, like fear and such. You should always take all details into account, like what you felt, or if the black kid resembled someone or a part of yourself, what is happening in your life, and such. I hope that helped. :)