Trouble Is On A Roll!

A belief run-down on the past few days. I am overwhelmed with troubles! I have no other choice but to ...list the mishaps of my life that are occurring these days. Too much emotions and no words to express my pain.

1. I need to be with my love... alllll the time. I mourn for him, I need him.

2. My elderly mother has no one else but me to help her. I travel hours to visit and do for her, things that she can not get done for herself nor can dish out the money for anyone else to do for her.

3. My biggy boy died. I miss his purrrrrs.

4. I lost $150.00 client, due to them... being over budget... go figure.

5. This is icing on the cake! I can rattle about this... It upsets me so that.... I broke out in hives yesterday!

I have been cleaning homes for this family for years. The mother, grandmother, daughter, uncle and brother. Years ago, when this troubled child of age 13... trapped me in his room, and pulled out his penis and began ******* in front of me. It was an OMG moment!
I never returned till the first of this years, 5 yrs past. His father needed me to help keep their place clean... so I helped out.

Two weeks ago.. the same child, now 18 carried a hard-on and played with it thru his pants... I left quickly with my nerves in an up-roar. I told his father, and aunt... I will not go back if this young man was there. He wasn't the next time and I went to work cleaning. A retarded teen walked by the open door... I wasn't going to shut myself up cause I carried fear for myself... Anyways... he told me a story that made me sick.... This disturbed young man, choked a kitty to death, in front of the retarded child,then slammed the kitty's head into a wall. The blood was still there... I freaked out, it got all over me. I became sick. This young child, told me he would stand right in the door ways just in case this disturbed man came back... He feared for me. That alone, scared me!!!

I had a very serious talk with this disturbed young man's father and aunt. This soul was a loose cannon ready to do harm!!!! I told the both of them... I would not enter their home again for fear for myself. I told them both... if this man hurts another... It would be on their shoudlers. The talk un-nerved me till I broke out in hives. I was in pain... from the inside to the out.

The family has called in professionals to aid them in this ...trouble.
For me... I grow stronger!
MorningBreeze MorningBreeze
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4 Responses Oct 2, 2013

Wow, That is a heck of a story. No wonder you are upset. I would be too hearing of the boy that took the life of that kitten. You were so right to talk with the Father and Aunt. I am glad they are seeking help for this situation. Life is full of strange people, I'm sure you agree. You seem to be a strong lady. I will very much enjoy reading more of your stories when time permits. Please keep sharing.

Thank you. Everything is much better these days. And yes, the world is filled with strange beings.

Hi MorningBreeze, sometimes all our problems comea t once, it's like a rollercoaster, hang on tight, don't forget to breathe, and I hope Sunny days return soonxx well .. I do take so much to heart. And my heart is a tender thing... it feels deeply and it causes me to feel sad, confused at times. But I love my heart so... yin and yang... I will take the bad with the good. Thanks, you have been a good friend.

MB, so sorry for for you having to endure these trials. Thank the Lord the family finally got help. Who would know how dangerous cleaning house could be?? Be safe. You are indeed stronger. hugs. mini

Thanks you Mini. Today is a new day. Almost time to go to work, Have a blessed day my friend

You did the right thing by raising this problem up to where they had to seek outside help. I know you are strong, but if he would attack you when you were not expecting it, it could end very badly. If not you, some other innocent person.

Thank you for all your support Climber. And all the listening you do for me. *smile* You help me in many ways. (hug)

You are very welcome. We are a team. It is certainly good to have all the support from our friends, but it is so important to know that we have a soul mate that is also there during those rough spots in our life.

yes! I just told Justmarji that. :-) And for you my soulmate... xoxoxo Thank you.