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I do not have my own place, do not belong to anyone and anywhere. Dreams collapsed in my teenage years. Tales I left in a drawer, I could not throw them away, are there pictures of what to what could be .
I lost all that was sacred .
I've killed you .
I've killed you in me and we died both .
I've been resurected in another form , like a phoenix without magic .
You died when i smiled without thinking about you .
You died when i realized it was impossible .
I've started a new journey , the old ways are gone .
I felt the need to write all these to make my thoughts true .
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3 Responses Oct 19, 2013

you are right ...

hi, my name is Dane, are you there, may we have a chat. thats only if you are willing to talk to a complete stranger.??? so what do you say????

"steep is the mountain which we climb"