Over my life I have gone through a lot. I have lost family members, friends, even myself (so to speak). It has been rough, a long journey. But for how bad it was I am thankful because it hasn't killed me and it has made me a lot stronger. I am who I am because of the pain I have experienced. Finally things are looking a bit brighter for me. Maybe I will share more later on.
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I hope i get to where you're at. Im really happy for you.

Thank you.
And give yourself credit; I'm sure you can do it too.

Thank u :) i hope so. Hearing how you're doing much better gives me hope

You're welcome. I'm sure. And well I'm glad I can be of help to others. If you ever want someone to chat with feel free to message me. :)

I was reading an article about happiness and meaning in life earlier today, and it said that how hard your life is is inversely proprtional to one's happiness, but directly proportional to one's meaning in life. So, at least you have a meaningful life! Also, most people who live "happy" lives do not lead meaningful ones...the surveys showed.

Goos for you! Everyone has their own battle wounds, how you wear them says a lot about your character.

You should speak to people who are feeling suicidal show them there is another way

taking things positively is really helpful. i need to learn this myself....

Just have to take it step by step. You will get ther eventually. :)


I just love this! Way to go man <3 Keep on going no matter what! Without struggle, there is no progress. I am here if you ever need a friend xo