Four years ago my house burnt down, while I was in it. I lost everything. I had to walk bare foot in town the next day to buy shoes. I only had pants because my mum happened to have a pair of mine. My face got a big burnt but recovered.

People feel bad for me but to be honest I am completely happy. It is truly an achievement to come back from nothing. I am better and stronger from it.

Please appreciate what you have, you never know when you may have nothing. :)
Jbonha Jbonha
26-30, M
5 Responses Feb 15, 2014

That's a fantastic attitude! Good on you and well done for not letting it beat you .

Thankyou :)

great attitude

Amen , U R so right, the Young People Need to know that, they have way to much,

that is a great way to look at things

Thanks! I like to think so :)

that's so true. thanks for sharing. and take care

You too mate :) ps your pic was the first profile pic I ever had on Facebook. Good choice haha