I've died twice in my lifetime -

As a child we where at a bathing spot, and my brother and our friends could all swim.. I felt so alone standing with water only up to my hips while the rest of them where out swimming I got so angry so I figured it couldn't me that difficult so I told them I could swim too.. They of course didn't believe me since I was only 4 years old so I wanted to prove them wrong.. Next thing I remember is I can't reach the ground and is under water. Waking up at the hospital everyone is crying and I said "I told you I can swim"

This made me stronger, no I've faced my fear and am an excellent swimmer/surfer

The second time I was driving a moped, I got hit by a car who hit the gas to attempt driving before me, but it all happened in a roundabout so by the books he should've let me pass.. I got two scull fractures, three internal brain bleeding and they'd put me in a coma after they manage to wake me up from the dead.. I first woke up three days later

And now I know I that life is short and can end at anytime so I am all in for living my life and get to travel and meet new people
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So right, xxxxxx

What 'Does not kill you' – is a 'Lucky escape' – you have been given another chance. Go for it (whatever 'it' may be?)

Tell me the 'Whatever it may be' I am interested

Thats the thing, i dont know, which makes me looking forward to whatever comes my way :-)


I had my heart stopped in the ER , I was conscious , it was weird... Dreadful feeling of in pending doom .. There was no time !!!

Now you do have time! Enjoy every second in any way you choose!

welcome to the club.

Sounds like u have a guardian angel