Except bears, bears will kill me.
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No my dear.., A bear will also make you more stronger to face bears next time, if he doesn't kills you..
Good Luck, with bears too. :)

I very much doubt I would be alive after a close encounter with a bear.

Though bears are dangerous creatures, but doesn't always kills humans in every encounter with humans. I suggest you to check out some programs/movies that teaches about behaviour of bears and ways to escaping from them if have an encounter. This may help you overcome your fear about bears. Also try meditation, it makes our mind calm & strong to handle any bad scenario, and gives us mental strength.
Best Wishes. :)

Well, thanks for that, as I live in UK, the chances of me ever encountering a bear are slim, however, I am aware that many people do survive bear attacks, often horrifically wounded, but sometimes unscathed. I would not venture into bear country unless I was armed with a suitable firearm, trained in it's use and fully briefed in bear defence methods. I would feel bad about killing a regal creature because I trespassed in his territory. But, I don't live in bear country, and those who do, no doubt adapt and survive. As close as I want to get to any large wild animal is on TV, those guys know what they are doing (mostly) and provide all the footage we ever need, without me blundering into their habitat.

Yes, you're right. :)
I just meant that you should not have any kind of fear.
I wish you have a nice time in your life. :)

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Haha..Teddy Bears won't..this made me chuckle..Thanks! ❤️😋