This statement is just so much hogwash! Tell this to all the Fibromyalgia sufferers and tuberculosis victims. Let me tell you about my first marriage that broke me so bad emotionally that I have never been the same since. I believe the coiner of this phrase was G. Gordon Liddy. He is the convicted leader of the Watergate "plumbers" , author, conservative talk show host and self-professed indestructible man. In short, he is a wacko! Or maybe he was a wacko. He might be dead now.

The truth is that what makes one person stronger can kill another person. I know it feels good to tell ourselves that we can't be broken but the fact is that we can. Billions of people every day are broken by circumstances that they did not create or cannot control. Mistakes are made. Damage is done. To say otherwise is pure unhealthy denial.
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Nobody is saying that mistakes are not made and damage is not done. The quote attest to the idea that those mistakes and damage give us insight and wisdom into ourselves. We learn from these moments, whether it be outward or not, they can teach us things.

I understand this. There has got to be a better way to say it. It goes along with my dislike for the aphorism, "God never gives us anything we can't handle". It's just not true.