I know this well,as do many others. We have all suffered at some point. I could make a long list. But I know there are millions worse off than me. My father told me pain is fear leaving the body. I should be fearless, but I'm not may never be, but I'm a tuff little B. When all else fails theres music. ! song that helps is by a 80's hair band; Tesla is the group. Hang Tough is the song check it out and be strong!
TheBeastsPenetratingBlade TheBeastsPenetratingBlade
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I have heard that too. I must have a lot more fear because I still have way too much pain. I like that song (dating myself a bit). If I feeling especially cranky Battery by Metallica really sets the mood.

Was gonna say heads up, but how bout head bangin instead. Rock on sweety thx for read/comment