A message to Pain, Misery, Despair and Self Pity.

.....You thought you'd win didn't you? Thought you'd add my soul to the collection. Thought it would sit and wallow in its own fear and doubt along with all the others you have claimed? All those you have swallowed up, never to be seen again?

Well...you were wrong. I will not fall into despair. Pain will not break my spirit with its stinging lash. Self pity will not entice me to a slumber of the mind with its false promises of comfort and peace! Misery will not blind me from the path before me, that leads to a better tomorrow!

I have, and will continue to march on. Knowing that you beckon to me, offering a bed of excuses in which to lay my weary head and struggle no more, and marching all the same.

Your empty promises, meaningless indulgences and hollow pleasures hold no value for me.

For what I seek to obtain, what I aspire to be, is something that not only pleasures the surface as you do, but also fills the spaces of the internal. It bolsters souls and lifts spirits. It moves mountains and carves valleys. It re-shapes the very universe into a form more pleasing to all who inhabit it!

Something that lies in the light. A place that for all your whispers and reassurances, you have never been seen in. A place that your velvet hands and cotton body has yet to wander into. A place you cannot hold a candle to.

Would that you could stand even a candle's brilliance that is.
Contentio Contentio
18-21, M
4 Responses Sep 7, 2014

Love this.

You are great!

Who wrote that ?
It's ve r y good

I did

Well, I say quit what ever your doing cause I think you may have a real future as a writer / author.

This Is Beautiful XX


Thanks :)

Never stop writing !
Your 16 -17 guy ?
You have a gift.

Haha thanks XD and I won't.