I have learned to accept that the abuse I suffered in my youth was a blessing. A painful blessing. A blessing that still causes me pain and fear. But a blessing nonetheless. I learned how to be strong. I learned an appreciation for life because there were many times I didn't believe I could survive. It made me stronger. I had to learn to pick myself back up when knocked down. I learned to trust and depend on God. I wouldn't trade my past for anything.
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2 Responses Oct 16, 2014

I am 52 , and being a boy raped from age 4 till 10 I just learned to not trust and be angry a and hate and not know why I am on this earth and trust no one., so **** the world befor the world FU**s YOU!!!!

Great advice alot of people don't like to tell such things.

It has taken 47 years to figure out it IS NOT MY SHAME!!!!

You words are a great help to that 1person that needed to know it will get better as long as you have Faith.