That's the phrase I'm getting tattood on my right forearm....It is the phrase I have come to understand sooo well!
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Just remember you were strong to begin with as well.

Very true? ?

I got the true quote tattoo put on my arm this last Mon...The wording I was told was a version of the original. Original quote:: "That which does not kill us makes us stronger" I stand behind this quote; I understand the true meaning of this quote! I lived this quote. ..from the age of 6-7 yrs old to this very day!!!

Tattoos are ugly. Enjoy the phrase and let your pretty forearms God's perfect creation.

Beauty is in the eye of the b beholder! ?

Indeed it is and my eyes avoid ugly tattoos.

Too each his own!...If you don't like them don't look at them; no one is making know! :?

i feel like what doesn't kill me p*sses me off.

Look up Chris Caffery's song called "****** me Off" It is a good heavy metal song that is funny too.

Find your new found freedom and hold on to it forever

Fvck ya! Good pain is pain that produces growth. Bad pain is just being pouty and needy, be the strongest bad asszzz biatch you can be! Lol

Walk in my shoes before you judge me...I definitely don't need to experience any more pain in my life! Especially to be a badass *****. ..and I'm only that when the moment necessitates;for me need to be!!! ?

you go girl

Except for bears. They mess you up good.