I have finally accepted it...I'm depressed. My current predicament,despite my convincing charade, is depressing the s$&t out of me. I am in the throws of a divorce from a man I married and dedicated 10 years of my life to, had a child with and eventually gave up my Navy career for, even though I did that more for my daughter. He initiated the divorce, he cheated with a younger loosely termed "woman", and they now post cuddly Facebook couple pics while I struggle through school and take care of our kid...how is this right? I've been steely and steadfast, I've only gone to pieces a couple of times but I find myself sinking now so much so that tears aren't even an option. I can see no silver lining, I can't see the glass half full, I can't see the open window...I'm tired of treading water. Why am I the only one that has to be responsible?! When do I get to have ME time and possibly meet someone to turn my frown upside down?! I've always been the one. I'll always be the one...the reliable wife, the good mother, the respectful daughter, the studious student, the dedicated Sailor...F$&@!!!! I want a break!!!! I need a break...life I really kicking me while I'm down right now....but hey...what doesn't kill me right. thanks for listening
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1 Response Mar 10, 2015

I'm sorry for the situation u r in. I can't pretend to know what u r going thru, but sometimes it is what it is and acceptance goes a long way. U r the bigger man for being the responsible one but u need to rest and have fun too. Give yourself that time to just BE. Gather your girlfriends and hopefully you will find a better mate in the not so distant future.