I would love to be able to share my story if it means maybe helping someone else! So here goes!!!

I grew up in a christian home...my mom and my dad met each other and had me and my twin brother who was later diagnosed with aspergers autism (high functioning form of autism. My family struggled for years to find money, my dad worked for hours and hours on end just so my brother and I could eat. My mom worked as a substitute teacher, but it wasn't often that she was able to do that. But boy did they work hard, so hard. My half brother and sister were constantly back and forth between my mom and their dad, and their dad was always trying to find a way to take money from my mom, so much that we went hungry for a couple months. We basically survived off of potatoes and mayonnaise. But continually my parents sacrificed so much so my brother and I could have the basic things for living. We moved around a lot, and in 2005, we found ourselves living in a moldy basement. My mom and dad were at a loss of where to go, but they did everything they could to provide for us. My dad sold his things my mom did too, and as I watched them do this, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude even at a young age. 2005 is also the year that my older brother would be diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 15. When I saw my brother, who was a talented guitarist laying in a hospital bed, for the first time I felt truly scared. He fought for 3 years and so did my mom, for her ex husband did everything possible to make sure she never had chances to see him...and if she was allowed...it was on a timed schedule. On December 1st 2007, he ex called her and said my brother was going to die and that she needed to come see him. Well the sad and horrid part of all this is that, her ex moved him and never told my mom where he was....she literally was running all over my house...trying to get directions...hoping in the shower....only to get another call....to say that my precious brother was gone. I watched in horror as my beautiful composed mother screamed, cried, and wailed. I had been raised in a Christian home...I knew who God was...but that day I truly found Christ. Since my brothers death...I have been depressed, suicidal, belemic, bullied, and sexually harassed. But...despite all of it...I am HERE. I am in college studying to be an ER nurse and also a performer with a focus in music. I graduated high school with national honors. My twin brother is also going to graduating soon. He is such a remarkable human being.

I may not be 50+ years old....but I have been through one interesting ride so far in my life. I am so much stronger than I ever could imagine. My advice is to be thankful for your trials, because no matter what...they are going to happen...but...it is what YOU do with the experience that really matters!!! STAY STRONG!!!!
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wow!You have been through so much but look at you.Any guy would love to love you!You are truly amazing.

Very good advice young lady. I wish more people would take it.