This was one of the very first posts, that I made back in 2011. I have written it again, so that my new friends, or anyone who has never seen it, can get an idea of the major events in my life. Which have done much to make me the person, I now am.

Dec. 1959 My mum died, from kidney failure, post partum.

Nov. 1966 I broke my back in an RTA. And became a paraplegic.

Feb. 1969 Suffered total kidney failure.

Feb. 1973 Another RTA. Suffered brain damage, and partial paralysis of my right arm.

July 1974. Got married.

Jan.. 1978. Father died, lung cancer.

Feb. 1979. Separated.

Feb. 1979. My elder brother died, RTA.

June. 1980. My best friend died, multiple organ failure.

Jan. 1986. A third RTA, Multiple leg fractures, broken ribs, broken neck. (no nerve damage).

Oct. 1983 Diagnosed with clinical depression.

Jul. 1990. My best female friend died. Pneumonia.

No major traumas, since then.


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This was the first that I read fm Your AA times which kept leading to more. Good that You reposted.
**Thumbs Up.

I am very sorry for your many losses,I often wondered why you became a paraplegic.There certainly have been many tragedies in your life.It appears all you have gone through has made you stronger and more compassionate.

You are one of the strongest folks I know..... hugs and more hugs to a truly great man!

Wow, Ari. You are one resilient man! Peace to your soul.

That sounds rough. What do you do now?
What's a RTA?

Road Traffic Accident.