The Worst Day/Night Of My Life-"NO!!!" I screamed and resisted with all the energy in my 8 year old body. Fellow passengers didn't even hide their gawking at the scene I was shamelessly creating. They didn't know the whole story but I will explain to you.
My mother died unexpectedly weeks before my 9th birthday and just over one day later I met my father for the first time in memory. He arrived as quickly as he could from Israel to the United States with intentions to relocate my younger sister and myself to Tel Aviv. We knew of him because our mother had pictures of him in our home,told us who he was,and sometimes he called on the phone but we had never actually MET him. He left the United States to return to Israel while my mother was still pregnant with my sister. Up until then my life had been lived exclusively with my mother without any men present speaking solely English and now that was ripped violently away from me. I was EXTREMELY CLOSE to my mother. The awkward sleepless night spent in our home without my mother and with this strange man stands out in my memory as the loneliest of all my 22 years. I didn't sleep. I sobbed in to the carpet since we were laying on the living room floor. He pretended not to notice as he slept by the door with his back turned to my sister and me guarding against any escape attempts I reckon. I alternatively wanted to die and kill him. Should he have comforted me? No probably not. I would have tried to harm him.
At some point during the night I picked up a picture shown to my sister and me as proof he had indeed known our mother and threw it against the wall as hard as I could to break the frame. When he jerked but didn't rise I sifted through the glass and removing the picture, tore it in half. The half with my mother's expressive chocolate face I kissed and held to my heart.The other half that was an obviously younger but physically the same Abba(Hebrew for dad) I tossed aside. With this picture I laid down until morning. Armed with Birth Certificates, Israeli Passports, and my mother's death announcement my newly acquainted father attempted to board an early morning flight to Tel Aviv with my sister and myself. When I figured out his plans I screamed and resisted violently. First my mother. Now my home and homeland too? What was I going to lose next? I did not want to find out so I protested. While Abba haphazardly attempted to explain why he a single White man was taking these brown children out of the country I damn near got him arrested and meant to frankly. Then I could stay in my country I reasoned. Finally he spoke directly to me and I had to shut up to hear him. "If you cooperate I will give to you some money." He said attempting to bribe me. "You liar!" I didn't believe him. He instantly produced his wallet and I kid you not stuffed two one hundred USD notes in to the hand I wasn't holding on to the desk with. He then shoved that hand in to my pocket and grabbed me by the other hand to drag on to the plane. I am ashamed to admit I let him and didn't throw a fit after boarding either because I passed out almost as soon as I was placed in my seat and slept the whole flight. *Now I feel I must say that my father was a very generous and patient man. He left the United States not out of selfishness but because his student visa ended and couldn't practice there with an Israeli medical degree. He was never a deadbeat. He bought the townhouse we lived in with our mother and paid for my sister and self to attend private school. He was very good to us in Israel too. We still reside here as adults. It was just a very difficult adjustment for me, but I eventually adapted and am ultimately fine as an adult.
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Sounds, ohhh so usually helps time pass in times of need from basic problems we can't get rid of or find a solution...