No one owes you anything. Your sucess and failures are all on your head and your head alone. Quit crying about what someone didn't do for you. Quit waiting for a handout. Do you think some fairy godmother or knight in shinning armor was coming to save you? No is coming. This is all on you. Grow up and get after it!
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what does not kill you only ****** you off

that too

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I can only speak from my experience, which is in some ways similar and other ways very dissimilar to what you've written here. What I've experienced is that when I became ready to take responsibility for myself (as you suggest), I found that love is everywhere supporting me and helping me divine my way. I just have to open to it... And that sometimes takes a fair amount of reminding. I love your "get on with it" message, Hanna36☺️ Soft breezes to you.


If only more of the world agreed with this.