Ten year old is acting inappropriately. I cancel his play date after many warnings. He realized it was cancelled came downstairs and flips out. Husband or stupid gets involved. Do you think he defends me or his son as his son is swinging at me? Tells his son he's not acting right and then starts screaming at me telling me what I'm doing wrong and it's my fault.

I'm speechless!!!!!!
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Wow. Great parenting skills dad. Sounds like your raising him still too.

You need to sit down with your husband and hammer this out. I'm the more strict one in our family, with our 7-year-old daughter. If my wife has issues with my discipline of our girl, she usually waits until the punishment has been assigned. The thing is, our daughter will come back within ten minutes and say, "I'm sorry, Daddy." Then she'll say something along the lines of, "You're the best dad ever!" She has told me in the past that she thinks I'm just tough enough on her.

I wish. I have tried many times to accomplish that. He is not a very nice person or caring

Are you calling him "his son" because you are the step-parent?

I am his mother. I called him his son because I was talking about him.

Sadly, sry to say, not only is "stupid" being a completely and utter pr*ck....
He is setting the example as to which the son will grow up following..."hey my father treated my mom like this, it's fine" or "hey if it is good enough for my mom and she accepted it so will you" (towards the women in his life)
My opinion, even though it is hard, pack your stuff leave his sorry a**, he doesn't deserve you or your time...
Being alone and happy is a million times better then together and miserable.....
No man, nor woman, is worth physical or verbal abuse no matter who they are...

Thank you!!!😁

I would be too. so cruel to do such a thing to a child.

I'm speechless too

you need to discuss how these types of situations will be handles in the future, so you show a united front to your son. - but you already know this, I'm sure...the harder part is getting there.....good luck...

Impossible. Husband goal is to make me miserable. He doesn't care

Ugh, well then he needs to understand that he is not helping his son. If he doesn't care...then you are in a very tough spot there....

I can't like that, but lived it way too long. Get out

I know. I'm just scared. I've been talking to someone

I can understand. It's hard, but long term, it's harder to stay. I invested 20 years. At least I have 3 awesome kids

I'm in for 17. I have 2 incredible kids that have their moments

I say it's learned behavior. My kids are much better that they now see me and all I do without having him with us, constantly denigrating me

When did you do it? How old were your kids when you did?

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I'm sorry. That's ridiculous

I agree. I can't even wonder why he acts like that.

You may need to do some soul searching if it happens frequently

Thank you