I have taken more than my fair share of physical, mental and emotional abuse over recent years...things that nobody should have to encounter.
I have occasional lapses of self doubt- that maybe I deserve it, perhaps I am not meant to live a happy life...but that is not the case. Abuse takes so many forms and can be so incredibly subtle that it breaks you down without you realising, and then you are too far gone before you notice that you are only a shadow of your former self.
However, none of this abuse has taken me so far that I cannot come back. I will not allow myself to be destroyed at the hands of someone else. It has absolutely broken me but I will come back fighting.
As a phoenix rises from the ashes so will I burn through my past and fight towards a brighter future. I will set the world alight with my passion and happiness and watch the darkness melt away until only the ashes of negativity remain.
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Never forget who you really are inside. As you look to the future, you have all the power to decide what to think about an event, and what to do or not to do. Don't carry the past with you, you can control how your future will be. YOU have all the power. :)

I am here for you and on your side for this and always

To learn is to suffer

That's the spirit. Don't go down without a fight.

Your amazing wonderful future can be whatever you decide to make of it - this is within your power! Keep looking forwards and you can do it!

Good for you girl. It's either fight or flight. Sounds like you got your game face on :)

Good for you! My mom did it and so can you! Best wishes.

I am recently out of an abusive marriage. I found something very helpful. I looked up gas lighting. It was a relieve to find this information and helped me see it was not my fault. Having more good days here then bad days. Reach for the skies and let the sunshine in :)
If you need to talk or just want to I am here

Thank you :)

and if it doesn't kill you it only ****** you off

Indeed it does

I should know after being shot twice and blown up three times and am still around

I know I've been shot too and abused physically and emotionally . Emotional is worse it can get you from the inside. I refuse to be abusrd again