I lost my father a couple of years ago. he was very well off when he died my father,left me stuff and money but my family stole everything from me. so now I am fighting them in court for years now I am struggling a lot and now my lovely sister is kicking me out of my home because of the estate. I haven't never felt so alone. I miss my father like crazy. I wish he never died but to be honest I am a stronger person for it and I'm learning that my mother is my strongest allies.
I wrote this without being able to see because for some reason I can't see what I write on this site. but thank you for for listening to me whine.
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I know how u feel my own son stole so many things from me over a 5 to 8 year period total value about $ 70,000. He's so greedy he bet his brother out of things his friends but he me at such a good liar that people don't even see what he is doing to them we haven't talked in 3 years and I'll never speak to him again I feel sorry for him because one day someone else will finally open their eyes wide enough to see what he really is and then they just may make sure the rest of his family and friends see him for what he really is