God, I Love July

It takes forever for that month to come. God, that is the best month to the human man in the United States. Oh, that month, is excellent. I love July. Oh, God, would I do, to see July 1 more time. I know I am 24, and God, I miss the opportunities of that month. So many, mmmmm, memories. I didn't do anything last year, and I regret it. God, knows I regret it. I surely wish that I did. Well I don't what I did for my 24th birthday. Other than my dad, gotten angry for me still living at home, and dealing with my grandfather coming over, he is such a waste of time. Now my grandfather thinks that I am too old to be living at home. Why is a person that is 78, worrying about me living at home. I know some people don't make it to their 25th Birthday. But I pray everyday, that God gives me the strength to keep going. I would love to stay involved in my church, because that is the house of the Lord. It is 2:40 p.m, where I live, and I wonder what is going on there right now. I owe my life to God, every single day. Everyday of my life is owed to God. Thank You, Lord, my savior, Jesus Christ. Because without I am nothing, totally nothing, just understand that I will believe you until I leave this earth for good, and I am here for a reason.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Feb 20, 2010