Baby Boomer

You Belong in the Baby Boomer Generation

You fit in best with people born between 1943 and 1960.

You are optimistic, rebellious, and even a little self centered.

You still believe that you will change the world.

You detest authority and rules. Deep down, you're a non conformist.


This is pretty accurate, I do fit best with people that are born during that era.

I'm born 1976 which means I belong to generation X. I don't like it much


Spiritsinger Spiritsinger
31-35, F
2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

I wish I had been alive then to experience all that;-)

Hi spiritsinger, that pretty much describes me. Yes I'm a 'baby boomer', born in 1952. Most of us were in our teens or early 20's during the revolutionary 60's era with the 'flower power' and the long-haired groupies, eastern mysticism largely brought on by the Beatles. Oh, those were great times!<br />
Mal :)