What Is Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander

and vice Versa!    I think if Women got the right to wear pants and slacks then men should have the right to wear skirts or dresses  if they want to.   Any woman that disagrees and wears pants and slacks is a hypocrite.   To allow woman to wear slacks or pants and not allow man to wear dresses or skirts is a double standard.  That's unacceptable in my books!   I admit I do go further than that cause I have gender issues  feelings that I should've been female.
I do know a few men that have my view point  and have no desire to be female.  As long as women are allowed to wear pants and slacks  than men must be allowed to wear at least skirts  anything less is hypocriticism.  You women wanted equality and you're getting it and it stands  for reason that men should have equal rights in the clothing area!  I'm not going to settle for less than that.  If you are a woman that says no to that  you are a hypocrite  if you're wearing slacks or trousers....  you should get out of them and stop promoting a double standard.
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It isn't being hypocritical. It's just societies norm. If you want to wear a skirt or a dress go right on ahead, it's a free country but expect to get some turned heads and questionable looks. You can't be mad at a society for being slow to accept what hasn't been normal for hundreds of years. You want change? Go out and protest. Just like the women did!

First off, I am not thinking small. Personally, I could care less if he wants to dress like a woman or a woman like a man. Nor could I care less about a person's sexuality. I'm just informing him that if he does, he will be faced with conflict and negativity. Human society doesn't like change. Look how long it took for women to get equal rights, or same sex couples to even begin to be acknowledged.. Also it is not realistic to state that everyone needs to accept your way of life. The fact of the matter is, a lot won't and a lot will. BUT if you want to be able to get a good paying job, then, unfortunately, you need to conform to society. I'm not saying that it is right, I'm simply saying that is how it is. If he showed up for an office job wearing a skirt, he'd probably be turned away.. As far as protests, I didn't say to be violent but to get your opinion out there, just like other controversial groups had to do in the past. That is how you begin to get people thinking about change.

Also, for your information, I am a large gay rights activist, so to assume that I am small minded is rather insulting.

Attack? I never said he is unintelligent. Did you not see where I said I was a gay rights activists and don't care how a person wants to dress? All I'm saying is that If he wants to dress like a woman there will be controversy. The one who is attacking here is you and your attacking me for voicing my opinion. Even though I agree he should be allowed to dress as he pleases. I'm just playing the devils advocate, you can not tell me that if he walks into a job interview in a skirt that he would not be turned down. I don't think its right but that is how it works.

I feel I should've been a female! I find woman's clothes fit me better than man's and they are much more comfortable than man's clothes. I wear what feels right for me as much as I'm allowed to.

Okay, for all you wonderful cisgender people who refuse to get it, here is what you are refusing to get.
Gender is actually in the brain.
The vast majority of people are "cisgender", and what this basically means is the gender wiring in your brain matches what you were born with.
That's very convenient for y'all.
For a very few people, statistically speaking, they do not match. Transgender people are those who, to some degree or another, have this wiring problem.

A transsexual is someone who, as fully as medically possible, becomes the gender their wiring constantly tells them they are. They tend to have rather extreme body dysphoria. It is extremely mentally uncomfortable to have a full case of body dysphoria. I only have a very mild case of it.

(quote) A staggering 41 percent of transgender people in the United States have attempted to commit suicide, according to a new survey. (/quote)

Too...what does it cost anyone to view a person as who they feel themselves to be? Who are transpeople harming by being themselves?

I have attempted suicide many times but usually in men's clothes when did so!

Why do I feel it in my heart the feelings?

I'm not sure, hun. Something about our brains is just a little different, I guess. I'm sorry you tried to off yourself, that's a scary experience.

I feel more true to myself dressed as a woman

I feel more true to myself when I get called "sir" in public.

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There are and always have been societies where men do wear skirts/dresses, etc. Look no further than Christian priests, Saudi men, pantominime dames. And where trousers (such as shalwar) are an essential part of women's dress. But are you talking about men trying to really pass themselves off as women? Or do you mean you wish men could be taken seriously if they are dressed in women's clothes? And why are you so angry with women? Is it because they don't find you attractive dolled up in drag?

Not angry with women! How could I be angry with women? I'm more angry when stuck in men's clothes!

why is ever one tacking this so seriously its not that big of a deal

The \"big deal\" is that people think that putting on makeup, wearing certain clothes, and getting surgery magically makes them another gender when in reality it does not.

If your chromosomes are XY, you\'re a man. If you feel like you are a woman, tough ****. You\'re a transsexual. But to say that they are part of genetic women is sickening bullshit that I won\'t stand for.

It\'s lies, it\'s irrational, illogical, and stupid. They are transsexual women and that\'s fine. But they are NOT women. There\'s a difference.

There is not hate in this post. But I don\'t care for fake people.

I agree - but it's not necessary transexual, just body dismorphia.

"If your chromosomes are XY, you\'re a man. If you feel like you are a woman, tough ****. You\'re a transsexual. But to say that they are part of genetic women is sickening bullshit that I won\'t stand for."
...Thanks, bigot.

Don't know about chromosomes! I just do what feels right for me! If something feels right can it be wrong?

I didn't delete anything!

Hylie: Do you know the definition of bigotry? I suppose not. It means that someone holds prejudiced views. The fact that they are NOT a woman does not mean that my view is prejudiced. It's realistic. Perhaps you're delusional? That's okay. ^_^

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1) Female clothes are made to flatter the female form. It is not meant to flatter men. Slacks/pants were NOT only made for men since they can be transformed to flatter the female form. How is that a double standard? No man ever looks good in a dress/skirt unless if it's a kilt and made FOR men.

You get it?

2) Double standards in plenty of areas will always exist. This is not one. I personally think you people have a hormonal deficiency or excess within an area of your brain that makes you think like this. You WERE born as such...with a hormonal imbalance. You just weren't made in the wrong body nor did you body develop abnormally.

If you've taken Developmental Psychology, you should know that your body developed as it should. But as the brain develops, plenty of outside or even internal influences can change and make it develop differently. That is why you THINK you are something that you are not. 'Tis my belief anyway.

How is that phony argument? You aren\'t using any rational thinking AT ALL. The clothes were made to flatter the female form. Try having a bulky man wearing a dress and it just wouldn\'t look right. So try again. :)

You\'re right that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so are clothes. No man that I have seen looks good in our clothes lest he changed his physical form to look feminine. But that\'s not who he is truly. He\'s changed himself to emulate us.

Okay. Your improper use of the English language is a bit annoying. But no, I am not bothered by people who are different. What I AM bothered by is people who are fake: and I see you people just like that.

You are NOT women. So STOP saying that you are. If you\'re a transsexual woman, that\'s fine. If you\'re a male crossdresser, good for you. But you\'re NOT a genetic woman...so don\'t try to pass yourself off as being one.

Also, I didn\'t say that this was a Psychological problem. Transgenderism is more of a hiccup of the hormones within the brain. That\'s not psychological--something to do with the personality. It\'s biological.

Are you an idiot? Phony/fake as in pretending to be something you are NOT. You are NOT a woman. You can wear what you like but wearing it and pretending to be a woman does NOT make you a woman.

A bulky woman would look much better in a dress than a man for sure.

My initial response was about more than just clothes. Whether your limited thinking recognized it or not is of your concern.

Young girls were not allowed to wear such things due to men restricting them due to gender roles. Now they are allowed to wear anything. YOU can wear anything as a man but be prepared to face scorn and ridicule, which would be just deserved. Female clothing was made to flatter the female form as I\'ve stated. It was made to show off our busts, our butts, and our figure. Men do not have breasts or feminine figures unless if they are pretending to be fake/trying to emulate women..or are drag queens.

You thought process is completely idiotic. Let me repeat myself once more: You are ******* stupid. No one is RESTRICTING anyone from wearing anything in America. But they are allowed to have their own opinions upon it.

No one says that you can\'t wear a dress: there\'s no law against it. But there is no law against people ridiculing you either. Again, it is just deserved due to the fact that female clothes are made for females, not males unless if they want to play dress up (drag queens and crossdressers) or they are transsexuals. An average run off the mill guy that are not in these three categories will be laughed at. What other reason is there to wear female clothing in public?

I never said I'm not male. I dress for comfort and feeling

I don't think my body developed as it should! I pay more attention to what I feel in my heart than what I think!

And that is your thoughts. You may have them. But whatever you think does NOT change the fact that it is not that way. I still believe that there is a mis-wiring of neurons within your cerebral cortex that causes you to think this way...something that's happened at birth and has made you believe that you are not what you see. Sort of like the anorexic people who see themselves as fat but they aren't---their problem is purely psychological though.

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agree with you i should have right to wear skirt i wear panties full time now

there are cultures that do have skirts or dresses for men... but most women don't actually wear men's pants for the most part so I would think, it would make more sense to make more dress/skirt-like clothing for men rather than simply wearing women's clothing. And that we all should wear what's comfortable to us and environmentally appropriate. Wearing pants or not is more cultural based than gender because a skirt would be more practical for both in many situations.

I like to be naked at home including in the garden but the man next door is having a problem with it,he says his wife is too unconfortable without clothes,he likes what he sees but feel bad for her

I were the pants in my family! But my wife tells me with one to put on david1957

your right but i still would have a hard time wearing a dress david1957

In a perfect world everyone would be able to wear what makes them happy as an expression of their own personality and comfort. This world is far from perfect, and as you pointed out too many people are too quick to judge. So you must choose if you care what they think or only care what you and those close to you think.
Thus the choice is still yours. Unless you live in a country with laws banning such things. Then for that I am truly sorry.

And no one bats an eyelash if a woman wears a tie, or a tie and vest, or suit and tie. So I agree with you.

u be u, no one has the right to tell u anything!