My Ode About Syria

Sat on oil or strategically
Located next to certain countries
That won’t play any games
With their people or be inhumane

The CIA is the puppet master
Of the secret hidden bankers
Libya sold out quickly; hankering
To the unfair form of central banking

To control all the oil and resources
Their country’s in a mess yet no recourse
USA can’t have economic lions roaring
So they use division and warring

And the UN Security Council is
Completely controlled by all of this
Countries that stand up to the west
Most struggle with this particular test

Not many countries left un-controlled
By the banking criminal cabal you know
Not hard to work out which ones are
Standing up to western propaganda

Syria is a key battleground
But there are two sides to any round
If you really trusted the BBC
All the bad stuff done by Assad you see

That man has the backing of many
In yet another divided country
And the west always exploits cracks
Another great country divided and fracked

By piling in mercenary’s and weapons
Kharma should ensure they don’t make heaven
Those who are stoking this all up
News for you they are spiritually stuffed

But please take heart change coming soon
And peace for all will be a boon
The meek will soon inherit this earth
Then all secret governments given a wide berth
41-45, M
Dec 14, 2012