So What Is "Normal?"

In my opinion - Normal is what is accepted by society at the time.

For example, if you live in a cannabalistic society and you are a vegetarian- you would not be considered normal. Not that being a vegetarian is right or wrong. It just would not fit into this society.

How do you feel about this?

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whole heartedly agree!! which is leading me to question the whole concept of monogamy... It's not something that comes easy or is all that rewarding for should i keep fighting urges, feeling guilty, etc for not feeling the way society expects me to feel??? or should i experiment with polygamy to stop hurting the feelings of nice women bc i get bored with the relationship. I am restless and always craving variety and excitement...and I'm just beginning to realize, at age 23, that "normal" is only determined by society. it's a moving target, and I'm not entirely certain I want to be told what's normal...because most of society is, in my humble opinion, quite ignorant.
I've been growing up, always trying to fit myself into the "normal" lifestyle. basically every decision in my childhood was based on what is normal? what is cool? what will others want me to do? how do others want me to act?
This is all fine and normal, but it didn't allow me to consider WHY?
I'm beginning to look at the world differently, decide what is right for me and for others (not what is necessarily normal), and if people don't agree with or understand my perspective, I should try to teach them, or show them, WHY.
Why slavery should no longer be normal.
Why our health care system NEEDS reform.
Why our government needs reform (because this democratic vs. republican **** isn't getting us anywhere...)
Why marijuana and gay marriage should be legal.
and why I don't believe in God or practice religion
...or consanguinity, or cannibalism, etc. I have my reasons.
We, as individuals, have the power to influence what normal is. We can't let ourselves be told what to do, within reason.

Normal is a generic term for what is accectable to a particular person or group of people.<br />
<br />
Substitute the word for "Acceptable" or "needed".<br />
It might make better sense.

So this question really intrigues me because as I distance myself from my marriage relationship, and friends and family tell me now for the first time how "abnormal" my ex is, and how normal I am, and how I deserve someone as normal as me. What does that really mean?Where do you draw the line?