What Is That Smell?

What is that smell?
The distinctive and pungent odor
Clinging to every room I walk
Stronger - almost overwhelming
In rooms I spend a lot of time in
My home, my office
Reek of that smell
I cannot get away from it

It pierces the senses-
Reminding me perpetually
The shaking hand
Eyes rolled back behind closed lids
Eyelids quivering
Neck locked in stone, head taught
The outer shell
The inner core
The human rind splitting and peeling away
Like an outer garment shed
Flesh being circumsized
A fat suit coming off

Screams and murmurs
Dash about in my mind
A cacophony of utterings
Many unintelligible
That smell I can't evade
That overpowers the senses
What is that smell?
The smell of insanity!

By Compelled Three

compelled3 compelled3
46-50, M
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