It Was Very Strange Indeed.

Recently, about a few months ago, I was hanging out with one of my cousins and his friends. Some of us were sitting outside talking, while my cousin and a friend of his were inside. My cousins friend all of a sudden comes outside, looks at me and says,

"Alright I just got some interesting news and so I need to ask you something"

"Umm alright" (Note: I'm surrounded by guys, the only girl, and I've only met this kid one other time before this)

"Are you really a virgin?"


"How long have you been a virgin?"

".... umm about 18 years and a few months"

"Wow, that's a long time."


What on earth was he thinking? How LONG have I been a virgin? And he wasn't even trying to be funny.. even though I laughed. He hit on me later that night, and added some more strange things, later that night we were both inside while everyone else was outside and he looked at me again and said,

"Don't get offended but, will you show me your boobs?"

"No pablo, but nice try" (sarcasm)

Then in front of others later,

"If I showed you my penis, would you let me touch your boob?"

"No pablo, but nice second attempt"

"What if I showed you full frontal nudity of myself, then will you make-out with me?"

"No pablo" 

He was completely serious this whole time. It was so very very strange. 

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11 Responses Jan 15, 2009

that is so hilarious!! I couldn't stop laughing!! I agree with the first 2 comments!

I probably would have kicked Pablo in his pablo. What an *******, trying to hit on such a beautiful girl in such an off the wall way!

Hmm.. I had never thought of it that way. I can be quite feisty when necessary, so I'll definitely bring that up next time to him. Thanks Vivas ;)

yeaa were pretty cool like that sometimes

haha yeah I know what you mean haha. Some people just make say things where I want to shake my head and say "What were they thinking?" haha

oh no what you said was creepy enough it reminded me of the crazy guy who was bothering me... not saying this guy is that nuts but he doesnt have a filter on his brain if you know what i mean ;-)

Oh... my.... goodness... that can scare the pants off of anyone. I'm sorry that happened to you! <br />
<br />
In truth, I know there is stranger things people have said to me, but that was the first one I could think of haha, if I think of anymore I'll let you know.

wow that guys rude and immature... weirdest thing anyone has ever said to me was " you have my soul give me my soul back"<br />
he turned out to be a stalker in high school and got kicked out for writing me letter about how he was going to have sex with my torso after he killed me... after that nothing anyone says really freaks me out... i just know now just how nutty some people are

hahaha wow I'm saving that one. You see, I've had guys bluntly hit on me, but they're normally trying to be funny. This guy was 100% serious. <br />
<br />
Not to mention when we first met, it was only for a second, and he was very rude. I figured I would give him another chance, maybe he was having a bad day. Then the next time I spoke to him, he was rude again, so by the third time when I walked into my cousins house and he was sitting there I looked at him and said "Look, I don't like you, and I think your very rude, so maybe if you try hard enough this time you'll have a chance to redeem yourself"..... he kissed butt after that =)

I am afraid i would have been a real smart alex<br />
and said something like <br />
oh it is a condition that just came upon me in the last few months<br />
<br />
and it is highly contagious

guys can be such dorks